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    Pre-school Testimonials.

    Ofsted Report.

    The children enjoy their time at the club. They arrive happy and confident and quickly settle into the routine. The provider gets to know the children well.

    The children enjoy taking part in a range of activities within the setting and make effective strides in their development because the provider has a good understanding of how the children learn most effectively.

    The children develop suitable confidence and self esteem as the provider respects their individual needs.

    The children’s care and learning is enhanced by the provider’s professional approach to her work, which successfully impacts on the children.


    Reference given to Ofsted by a parent.

    I like everything! Mrs Gurney has worked wonders. Alexander would not even pick up a crayon when he went. Now he is really keen to draw and write. He was a shy, anxious child who cried if left but settled in here the first week and loves coming. I cannot speak too highly of the provision.



    Letters from parents of children who attended Pre-school Skills Club.

    Dear Mrs Gurney,
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Luke the very best start to his education. I have just received Luke’s first school report and it’s glowing. He has reached the top target in every strand of the Early Years Foundation Stage and his head teacher is amazed at the report of a child who has only been at school for a year. I will be thanking his school teacher too, but I cannot praise you enough for helping us give Luke such a positive beginning with your Pre-school Skills Club lessons.



    Dear Mrs Gurney,

    Thank you for all your wonderful sessions - we have looked forward to each week and have loved the games and activities and Kristin has learnt so much!

    You really have ensured that she is ready for school.

    Thank you!



    To Mrs Gurney,

    Thank you so much for helping Max. He really has enjoyed his lessons with you.

    We are so thrilled we found you. Thanks again.



    Dear Jacky,

    Nigel and I would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks for all the help you have given to both our sons through your Pre-school Skills classes.

    We wish you every success and have no hesitation in recommending you to other interested parents.



    Dear Mrs Gurney,

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your hard work!

    Bertie has so enjoyed coming to you every week and he’s had a wonderful start with his letters and numbers. He’s certainly very ready for ‘big school’ but he will miss you I know.



    To Mrs Gurney,

    Thank you so very much for teaching Ben how to read and write. He has learned a lot from you and we are happier knowing he will start school much more confidently than he would have done without your help!

    We will be back with Oliver very soon!!



    Dear Mrs Gurney,

    Tom has had a lovely time with you, he looks forward to coming each week. You have helped to give him a good start to his schooling and I am very grateful.




    Thank you so much for teaching Lauren. She is doing really well at school and this is a lot down to what you have done with her and what you have taught me along the way!

    Vanessa. Back to top


    Private tuition testimonials.

    Reference given to Ofsted by a parent.

    I have known Jacqueline Gurney since 2004 as we have employed her to teach our three daughters. (Private tuition for the two eldest and Pre-school for the youngest).

    On a personal level I consider Mrs Gurney to be a very kind and gentle person. Her rapport with both the children and parents is excellent. I have also found her very reliable. I believe that her character is second to none and she has always been approachable and amenable to discussing issues as I have raised them. I feel very confident to entrust her with the care and development of my children.

    What’s more my children have all enjoyed being taught by her and really look forward to attending Mrs Gurney’s lessons.

    I truly believe that the education of my children has improved greatly thanks to Mrs Gurney. The eldest two in particular have shown great improvements at regular school after a period of teaching from her.

    Finally I am really pleased that I found this special person to help my children and I am very happy to recommend her services when the opportunity presents itself.



    Comments on lessons observed by tutors during teaching practices for OCR level 4 Certificate in teaching learners with specific learning difficulties  (dyslexia):

    This was a very good lesson Jacky, which used plenty of multisensory strategies to help the learner who obviously enjoyed the experience. She worked hard and enthusiastically and there was a good relationship between the two of you.

    Well done!


    This was a wonderful lesson to watch. You had those 2 boys busy the whole time and they were clearly very happy to keep working for you…They have learnt a great deal…The relationship between the three of you was lovely to watch.

    Well done and keep up the good work.



    Letters from parents of tutored children.

    Our son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia when he was in Y5. Despite an average intelligence score of 102, he was more than four years behind his peers. At a chronological age of 10 years 6 months his reading age was 6 years 1 month and his spelling age was below five years.
    Our son had always been a sociable, friendly, happy go lucky boy with a good temperament but he was gradually becoming sullen, withdrawn, frustrated and actively aggressive.
    After many visits and interviews we were lucky enough to find Jacky Gurney and what a transformation our son’s life had when joining her private tutorage.

    Jacky was consistently calm, measured and ‘firm but fair’ in her approach to the teaching of our son. She quickly ascertained how to adapt her lessons and techniques to him based on how he worked, his personality and temperament; understanding the immense frustration and negative feelings about literacy he had fallen into. Jacky was clear in her understanding of his dyslexia and although positive she could help, and confident he would be capable of the challenges, she never hid the fact from us or him that he had a huge mountain to climb. Jacky recognised that our son needed consistent reassurance and praise when completing his assignments with her and she understood he needed to be continually ‘successful’ in his work. She therefore ensured the work she gave him was in manageable bite sizes. It was this honest and realistic approach of Jacky’s which made us feel very confident in the level of 1:1 support she would deliver. The stress levels which had become insurmountable for all of us started to fall away; there was, for the first time in years, a clear possibility of marked progression. Jacky’s communication with us about our son’s progress and targets has been consistently easy to understand and a willingness to accommodate his lessons when work, school and lifestyles schedules have changed has been cooperative and understanding.

    By Y6 our son’s reading age had increased to seven years and eight months. His self esteem was growing and he was now a motivated and co-operative boy.

    At 12 years and 11 months our son’s reading comprehension age is 12 years 10 months. Reece used to have a ‘can’t do’ attitude to literacy and learning and now he has a very strong ‘can do’ attitude. He recognises and is immensely proud (as we are) of the tremendous amount of progress he has made whilst under Jacky’s tutorage not only in his academic life but also in his personal life. He has achieved a staggering goal of improving his reading comprehension age by nearly 7 years.

    Both my husband and I would highly recommend Jacky as a tutor for a dyslexic child. Jacky has the knowledge, tools, compassion and dedication to help. How do you thank a woman who has given us back our son and has opened up his future again?


    Dear Mrs. Gurney
    I would like to thank you for the help you have given my daughter at your private lessons. I knew from the first lesson when you asked if Katherine had ever had hearing problems as a younger child (which of course she had) that you would be invaluable to her education. You had instantly picked up on her past difficulty in hearing phonics, something which her school teachers had missed. With the best will in the world, a teacher in a class of 30 could not possibly give her the individual attention which she received from you.

    In Y2 Katherine had an Individual Education Plan which stated: Katherine finds some literacy activities difficult, especially writing. Although Katherine knows her letter sounds she finds it difficult to write and form them correctly. Katherine needs encouragement to read through her work and check it makes sense. She often finds it difficult to think of what to write and cannot always organise her ideas logically. Katherine needs a lot of adult encouragement to write and is often happy to sit and day dream without completing written tasks as she works very slowly. Katherine has limited concentration and tends to find it difficult to stay focused to complete activities.

    In the Y6 SAT’s, we were delighted when Katherine achieved (beyond expectation) a 5b in reading and 5c in writing. I feel it was due, in no small measure, to your efforts. Of course it helped that Katherine enjoyed coming to see you each week and is of course disappointed that she cannot continue.

    You have been patient and encouraging and the feedback that you give at the end of each lesson has been invaluable.
    Thank you so much for your help. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.
     Yours sincerely,

    Our son has been receiving extra tuition for his reading and writing from Jacky Gurney for the last three years. During this time Jacky has been dedicated and professional and extremely patient!
    Our son’s reading has improved enormously during this time and his writing and spelling have improved too. We are extremely grateful to Jacky for all her help and hard work with our son, and support for us. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking additional literacy support for their child.
    Andy and Suzanne.

    Dear Jacky,

    …..Harry’s progress over the last year has been amazing and everything is really starting to ‘click’ with him – for which a huge portion of the credit lies with you.

    …..We would of course like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your work with Harry. You are amazing and we will continue to thoroughly recommend you to everyone.



    Dear Jacky,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the past 6 years you have worked with all three of my children. All of them, as you know, had varying difficulties including dyslexia and without your guidance and patience they would have undoubtedly struggled throughout their early years in school. I would have no qualms recommending you to friends and relatives as all my children have enjoyed their time working with you.

    You have always shown great patience and determination to encourage the best from my children and for this we will always be grateful. I know the children will miss their time with you.



    To whom it may concern,

    Our son James first met Mrs Gurney at her pre-school club when he was just 3 years old. At that time James suffered a serious blood disorder which resulted in him missing lots of school.

    When James was 8 years old, with restored health, he returned to Mrs Gurney on a one to one basis so that she could support him by filling in the potholes from his earlier school years. This has resulted in James being a changed young man. He now has far more confidence and self-belief, which without doubt has been due to his sessions with Mrs Gurney. James does not see these as work and looks forward to his slot on Saturday mornings and has a keen interest in literacy and the projects he has undertaken.

    If anyone were to consider these sessions for their children, I can highly recommend Mrs Gurney and the benefit those children would receive from her support.



    Dear Mrs Gurney,

    We would like to thank you for all the great work you have done with both Georgina and William. You have brought them both on so far and we are so pleased with their achievements.

    Kirsty. Back to top


    Letters from pupils.

    Thank you very much for all you have done, before I came to you I was confused but now I understand.

    I really like the lessons and I like the bits when we go on the computer and I’ve improved a lot. Jacky helped me to go up a set in English and thanks to her I’m doing very well in my secondary school.

    Thank you Mrs Gurney for everything you have helped me to achieve like my reading, spelling and handwriting. I have liked coming here because I could not wait to see what we were learning ……. all the things have been great fun.
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